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Soya bean meal
Soya bean meal
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 Protein 46%min, moisture 13%max ,fat2%max,  ash 7%max, the solubility of the protein 70%-85%,crude fiber 7%max, Lys 2.5%-3%,

0.6%-0.7% 0.5%-0.7% tryptophan, methionine, urease activity of not more than 0.4, U < 0.4.

Appearance: pale yellow-brown or light yellow irregular debris or coarse powder, with roasted soybeans.

Function and nutritional value of soybean meal soybean: by squeezing or solvent extraction of oil, afterproper heat treatment and the dried product. Soybean meal is a plant protein feed effect

Preferably, the protein content is high, can use. It contains many kinds of amino acid in soybean mealfor poultry and swine on nutritional needs. Experimental results show that, without additionally adding

Animal protein in the absence of soybean meal, only contained in the amino acids is enough to balance in poultry and swine nutrition, and to promote livestock nutrition absorption. Soybean meal has become

Protein source in comparison to baseline products. In the feeding process, taste delicious, easy to digest the meal can improve milk. In beef cattle breeding, soybean meal is

One of the most important oilseed meal. Soybean meal is also used for pet food. In recent years,soybean meal is also widely used in aquaculture. Soybean meal contains much

Amino acids can fully meet the special needs of amino acid in fish.

Major customers: export abroad

Minimum quantity: 20 metric tons

Terms of payment: cash spot T/T, or L/C

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