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Fish oil
Fish oil
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Quality Standard:
Protein65%min Fat10%max Moisture10max Ash17%max  Salt3%max Sand 2%max free fatty acid10%max Group ammonia1000ppmmax   Volatile  basicity of nitrogenTVBN 120Mg/g max

Product brief introduction: We adopt advanced production technology and use high-quality marine fish-T fish which are dried and crushed. the introduction of modern processing technology. Our products are made of the high-quality fish which are manufactured by the modern processing technology ofcooking, pressing, drying, smashing and other procedures .Various of quality indicators all reach or exceed the national standards of the superfine fishmeal .This kind of fishmeal have the characters of stable and reliable quality, goodfreshness, rich fragrance, high content protein, easy-decomosition, easy-digestion, easy-absorption . Products reach the national standards and have the function of helping to resist decrease.Our products have rich amino acids.

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